Finding A Porsche Dealer Should Not Resemble Finding A Needle In A Haystack

Thankfully, there’s a lot out there to choose from. East coast, West coast, and anywhere in between, a Porsche dealership could be right around the corner. There are Porsche dealerships in Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Tampa, Florida; and Seattle, Washington. These luxurious vehicles are suitable for many people who can afford them. But thanks to Porsche's philosophy, their cars are actually quite reasonably priced for a first-class type passenger car solution.

A Little Bit Of Porsche History

Porsche began its journey like many other German automotive companies in the early 1930’s.

It initially began production on tanks and other light military terrain vehicles in and around the Second World War. Eventually, in the late 1940’s Ferdinand Porsche’s son and heir, Ferry Porsche began building a prototype vehicle that would become the first Porsche sold on the market.The 356 was built in a tiny sawmill in Austria, and would eventually be seen, and purchasable by the German public by 1948.

Interestingly enough, the two very first passenger car Porsches, the 356 and the Porsche 64, were built using many of the technologies and innovations that Volkswagen’s Beetle had used almost a decade or so before. This isn’t shocking information, as Volkswagen was always competing alongside Porsche, and have always been considered to be the “people’s car of Germany,” whereas Porsche was more thought of as the “people’s sportscar anchor of Germany.” Volkswagen AG and Porsche AG are now owned and operated by the same company: Porsche Automobil Holding SE.

From Porsche 64 To The Panamera

A lot has changed since pre-war Porsche. Technology has changed, innovations have changed, and society by and large knows exactly what it wants out of a luxury sports car. The Panamera manages to blend all of these aspects to make what is now known as one of the finest luxury 4-door sedans on the market today! Hybrid, diesel, plug-in hybrid, whatever one’s preference, the fuel choice is optionable.

The Panamera gets its name and design form the highly successful and influential Porsche Carrera. In fact, one can see the similarities between the original Porsche 989 concept car and the Panamera. Unfortunately, many Porsche purists felt abandoned when they found out that Porsche would be building mid-size sedans and other SUVs to break into that market. Unfortunately for those purists, the Porsche’s SUV solution, the Cayenne, is one of Porsche’s best selling vehicles.

Porsche: Important Things To Consider

When buying a Porsche, it’s important to understand what one is about to step into. Porsche is synonymous with power, luxury, and efficiency. These vehicles are not his comment is here for the faint of heart, or for the unskilled driver. As most marques tend to come in standard and not automatic, Porsche is not for everyone. However, there are still options out there for families, couples, and young professionals. It should be noted that these cars are a status symbol and should not merely be purchased on a whim.

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